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Today's Special: Camui Gackt

Bettie Scissors
GG is a teenage student currently attending public school (No, she will not specify further...). She was brought up in a Christian family along with 6 other siblings (of which she is the youngest) and her two parents. She greatly enjoys anything that has to do with Japanese culture (ie. Anime, manga, food, music, etc.). This can easily be noted by her username (in reference to Camui Gackt, a Jpop/Jrock singer).Along with Japanese music she also enjoys much American rock music with bands such as AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, Finger Elveven, Metallica and Disturbed. Finally, and most importantly, comes the most important thing in GG's life. Her friends. This is to all of her wonderful and psychotic friends who are reading: "STOP TRYING TO SET ME ON FIRE DUBYA! Tch, stupid mubs...the lot of ya!"