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Bettie Scissors [userpic]

Think you've seen it all?

August 16th, 2006 (04:46 pm)


Bettie Scissors [userpic]

Danie's Random Moment of the Day

May 10th, 2006 (07:29 pm)

current location: Comp Room
current mood: crazy
current song: Hime ~ Miyavi

WHOSE CHOCOLATE IS THAT!? Can I eat it? Or is it a stranger's?

Bettie Scissors [userpic]

Once in a Blue Moon

March 4th, 2006 (09:32 am)

current mood: bitchy
current song: DragonForce

Alright, so I finally decided to post a freaking update. I have no idea what i'll be writing about at this point...i'll just add tidbits as the day goes by and post it sometime in the evening...

So "Will and Grace "is my official new favorite show. I just can't get enough. Karen is like...the kind of person i'm gonna grow up to be. Kinda sad, but hey, at least i'll have money! xD Yeah...kinda depressing really. I have no idea what I want to do with my life at this point...I mean, the Pilot thing is cool...but I need to get a degree in something first, which means going to college, which means choosing a college which means leaving all my friends! I have this horrid fear of loosing my friends, it's like an acute form of seperation anxiaty...it scares the shit out of me. I cannot even IMAGINE a world withou my friends, a life without my friends. I mean...I know we all need to grow up and go our seperate ways...but I wish that growing up didn't mean growing apart...it's cruel.

Urg! I hate it when my mom is home! >.< She used to be decent...but now she's bitchy before going to work and bitchy when comming back. She's all "You don't know how hard it is going to work everyday! Getting up early, driving around..." Well you know what mother!? I GET UP EARLY TOO! I go to freaking school and do my best so that YOU can't bitch at me for more than you already do! And I WOULD DRIVE if I had to or if I had my licence! GOD DAMN IT WOMAN! Calm the frig down already! >.< I never understood why people complained about their parents so much before this moment...

Speaking of driving...I really want to sign up for that class...I mean, i'm turining 16 in June! I could get my licence right after I take the class! ...or I'd have to wait until I got back from Europe...which I really don't want to do. I hope I do well driving though! I mean, my dream is to be a pilot! I had better be able to at least drive a car...I want to go the path of my dad though and get a MOTERBIKE licence! That would be freaking awesome...or I could just ride with someone who has a bike, that would be cool too. xD

Bah...I don't feel like posting more...maybe another time...

Bettie Scissors [userpic]


January 22nd, 2006 (07:14 pm)

current mood: ecstatic

Meet Tequila, my new Chihuahua! <3

Bettie Scissors [userpic]

Back for a good long while...

January 11th, 2006 (05:52 pm)

current mood: Unwanted
current song: Dance Dance ~ Fall Out Boy

So, for those of you who don't know, I got back on the 27th of December!

I know it's exciting...not really.

This is the angsty rant part, ignore...Collapse )

Bettie Scissors [userpic]


December 24th, 2005 (03:11 pm)

current mood: ljdkhfvakl....
current song: Michael~Franz Ferdinand

Holy freaking hotties! Davey+Jeffrey=TEH SEX!


Sorry, brain died...

Jeffrey Star is such a lucky little bitch! <3

Bettie Scissors [userpic]

End of Hell

December 17th, 2005 (03:37 pm)

current mood: relieved
current song: Drumming in the streets outside...

School is out for the Winter!

You have no idea how fucking happy I am about this...

I went to Vevey yesterday and met up with Justine, we went to Starbucks (it just opened XD) and got some junk to snack on. We spent a few hours talking about random shit, mostly our bad experiances when traveling, and then parted ways. It was pouring rain and I was fucking soaked when I got home...but I felt so much better than I had in months.

I also went out at around 8PM to meet some people down in Montreux at Mayfair. We didn't do much, and I went home around 10PM, but I had felt absolutely amazing by the end of the night.

I finally realised that yeah, people hate me, but some people either don't or they can stand me being around. I didn't have that much fun, but I didn't feel excluded or hated or anything either.

It was a nice feeling, just realising that your fucked up, piece of shit life is on hold, and for just the Christmas holidays you will finally get some rest.

I feel so relaxed today.

No deadlines.

No homework.

No projects.

No school.

No pressure.

No stress.

No worries.

Hakuna Matata my friends, Hakuna Matata.

Bettie Scissors [userpic]

Guess Insomnia is Bad for Mental Stability...

November 27th, 2005 (04:49 pm)

current mood: Walking Asleep
current song: My Black Dahlia ~ Hollywood Undead

Well, I think I’m in a sufficiently morbid mood today…I caught myself standing on my balcony this morning, barefoot and wearing only my night shirt. It was snowing. I was cold. I didn’t remember walking onto my balcony… Hell I don’t even remember waking up until that point. Maybe subconsciously I wanted to catch a cold so I wouldn’t have to go to school…I went inside. I was freezing so I went back to bed. I woke up again, warm, hungry. I ate. And my day has consisted of sitting on my bed looking out my window at the people in the streets below. Everything is foggy and coated in snow…that’s what triggered the entry I guess…

Eh, I suppose I’m lucky that I didn’t feel the urge to jump off my balcony. With the control I had over my body at that point in the morning…I might have done it without realizing it. Until I hit the ground that is…I’m only six stories up, but I’m pretty sure it would still do me some damage…

Bah, I think I need to start doing something detrimental to my health...like drinking 'till I pass out. Everyone in school, who knows I havn't slept in two weeks, suggested that. Even the teachers. Well, either that or getting high in the afternoons to cut down my stress levels...Well, good to know that everything mentioned above is readily available for when I inevitably cave...

Ugh. I feel like shit. Guess I really did catch my death this morning. Goddamnit, first time I sleepwalk and I get sick...

"Death is not the beginning. Death is like a bullet hole for a full stop. After death, it all.just.stops."

Spiffy, no? Just thought of it this moment...God my mind is becomeing twisted...I need a Monaco. I have no time to get one though, can't go out on Wednesday 'coz I have soccer...can't go on weekends 'coz I have homework...Bah, there's beer in the fridge, I'll see if I can teach myself to make one sometime...

God, I need more sleep. But right now, I should be doing homework...so, i'm gonna go do that...then i'll take a shower and finish some of these projects.

Bah, sleep is for the weak anyway! What's the worst that could happen, huh?

Snowflakes, Creations of a Sleep Deprived MindCollapse )</>

Bettie Scissors [userpic]

I am SO fucking bored...

November 23rd, 2005 (05:39 pm)

current mood: bored
current song: Thanks for the Venom ~ My Chemical Romance

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Bettie Scissors [userpic]


November 15th, 2005 (04:34 pm)

current mood: curious
current song: The Leaving Song Pt.1 ~ AFI

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